Labtronics Collet Serial Data Acquisition


Connects most instruments and devices with RS232 serial output

Eliminate manual data entry and their errors

Bi-directional command support

Collect readings automatically at timed intervals

Collect data directly into any Windows-based program

Date and time stamps

User-defined information (technician, run # and product description)

Keyboard macros automate cursor movements

Parsing capabilities filter out unnecessary information Collect XL additional features

Complete integration with Microsoft Excel

Includes Labtronics database of instrument drivers

New instruments can be added and configured by the user

Collect data from multiple instruments into one spreadsheet

Collect data to different Excel sheets on the same computer

Allows for multi-tasking during data collection

Multi-line parser allows for complex parsing

Export and import methods and instrument setups

Connect RS485 or TCP/IP capable devicesCollect Pro

Display messages to the user to request information (i.e. password)

Start, stop and control instruments

Combine several instruments to work as an integrated workstation

Automatically check results and cause equipment to take action

Collect data over the network from a remote site

Print collected data over the network from a remote site

Write data to an ASCII file for use by other applications

Read files and transfer the data to Excel

Control RS-232, RS485 and TCP/IP interface capable

Monitor instruments over the internet

Automatically trigger Excel macros, based on results

Display instructions to lead a user through a manual process (control the SOP)

Carry out actions at timed intervals

Graph results gathered over time

Read and write to Access, Oracle and SQL Server databases

Start and run any other program