ITCM Series


• Capacities (per module): 100-20,000 lb (45.4-9071.1 kg)

• Clevis mounts with nylon insulating washers

• Teflon®-lined rod end ball joints

• Load cell is completely isolated from stray currents (excluding 20,000 lb capacity)

• Grounding strap provides alternative path to ground

• Complete package for ease of installations

• Provides correct load cell loading even in difficult installations

• Lower overall height compared to other isolated tension assemblies Complete Kit Includes:

• 1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box

• 3 or 4 ITCM assemblies with RL20000 NTEP-certified S-Beam laod cells

• 25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable