Feige Pallet Filling Station - Type 16


• Electro pneumatic control mounted at the filling station

• Self optimizing filling program

• Printer/EDP interface

• Below surface filling (for foaming and fuming products)

• Above surface filling (for non hazardous, non foaming products)

• Removable lance allows continued operation during cleaning process

• Two stage, linear actuated valve

• Fail safe spring return filling valve

• Aseptic, drip proof valve

• Self adjusting PTFE (Teflon) valve seal

• Pneumatic linear drive lance eliminates grease slinging jack screw

• Intrinsically safe, internally lubricated lance assembly

• Empty drums and containers are manually positioned at the filling unit

• Automatic filling

• 920i based control system

• Allen Bradley PLC interface

• Hydrostatically balanced valve so its closing function is independent of pressure