Emery Winslow's Bench Scale Model 737

EW Bench Scale Model 737


Emery Winslow's highly accurate and highly sensitive Hydrostatic Load Cell is heart of every WEIGHSQUARE. The hydrostatic signal is transmitted to an instrument enclosure and is converted to an electronic signal. Often this takes place right in the digital indicator enclosure. As a result, the scale platform itself contains no vulnerable electronic load cell that can easily be damaged or affected by water, condensation, RFI or power surges.

Features Non-electronic 304 S.S. Hydrostatic load cell Field repairable Hydrostatic Load Cell 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Options Double enclosures for extreme washdown environments, also protects from condensation and humidity build-up inside indicator enclosure Wheels and carts for portability Indicator pedestals Custom sizes and capacities Carbon steel construction Tank mounting kits Special alloy load cells and covers for severe corrosive applications Dial indicators, totally non-electronic (explosive applications) Custom designs, special instrumentation Consult factory for higher resolutions Intrinsically safe, FM approved indicators High temperature adaptation

Warranty Hydrostatic load cells are guaranteed for life against failure from water, lightning, rodents, power surges, and RFI/EMI. 2-Year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Specifications Capacity - 100 to 4,000 lbs (capacity may be increased for tank weighing only-consult factory) Size - 24" x 24" (consult factory for special sizes), 30" x 30", 36" x 36" Accuracy - .05% Overload capacity - 300%

Temperature range: -20 to 400F