E1070 Indicator

Control and Communication
Uncomplicated, the Model E1070 provides process control and data management to most standard and custom-configured weighing platforms using bench and floor scales. Offering the advantage of the built-in interfaces-Ethernet 10/100, PROFIBUS® and DeviceNet™-the indicator/controller is ideally suited for sharing data in tank weighing and truck scale applications.

In addition to network interfaces, the Model E1070 connects to printers, remote displays, computers and SensorComm™. SensorComm is the Avery Weigh-Tronix micro-processor-based digital junction box. It gives unparalleled flexibility to truck scales and batching Weigh Bar® systems.

The bright LED display with 0.8" digits allows the operator to view weights with a quick glance.

Specialized Applications
Checkweighing: The display includes a multi-segment fan graph for fast evaluation. The operator can instantly verify that products are within the target range or above or below acceptable tolerance.

Counting routines: The Model E1070 can display the number of pieces or average piece weight, along with gross, net or tare weights.

Peak weight: If a maximum weight reading is required, the Model E1070 can capture and display the peak measurement of stable weights.

Process control: The indicator is equipped with three setpoint controls to interface with relays for automated mixing or blending operations.

Added performance features
The Model E1070 can serve as a remote display in applications where weights must be read in two locations.

Weight information can be transmitted to peripheral printers and/or computers through the indicatorís dual communication ports. The format of the information may be customized and can include time and date.

A NEMA 6/4X rated enclosure ensures reliable, continuous operation in dusty or wet environments.

An optional remote foot control is available for improved efficiency in common "lift and weigh" applications. It gives the operator hands-free control of common scale functions: Zero, Print, Tare, Units or F1.