Counting Scale - PC-821

Exclusive Quartzell accuracy teams with high performance and flexibility to deliver outstanding value. Features & Benefits Quartzell sensitivity - The revolutionary, purely digital Quartzell transducer has extraordinary 1:2,000,000 internal resolution. This sensitivity means smaller sample sizes and improved accuracy, letting one scale do the job of two.

A model of simplicity - Easy-to-follow prompts guide the operator, insuring correct use in all applications.

Customize to your needs - Five separate "soft keys" allow you to configure the PC-821 to fit your exact needs. Thereís no need to clutter up your scale with unwanted functions. As your needs change, the scale can be reconfigured.

Adapt to various configurations - Store up to 1,000 parts in the internal data base, interface with serial printers and bar code guns/wands, remote bases, etc. When your needs change, the PC-821 can be reconfigured to meet them.

Battery operation - The PC-821 has both an internal and external battery option to provide complete portability. Power the scale, bar code scanners, remote keyboards and more, without cumbersome power cords.With its internal data base, itís perfect for cycle counting applications. Options Remote scale card with connections for an analog base with analog to digital conversion rate of 60 times per second and an external Quartzell interface.

Remote expanded control interface - For 8, 16, 24, or 32 OPTO 22 I/O modules (SSCU-8)

Internal battery - Two 6-Volt batteries with internal charger. Up to 19 hours continuous operation

External battery - BP-25R 12-Volt battery with built-in charger. Up to 38 hours continuous operation.

230 VAC inline transformer

Ball top - (N/A on 10-lb. scale)

Alpha-numeric, serial keyboard

Draft shield for 10-lb. scale - Recommended for displayed resolutions above 10,000 divisions.

Expanded RAM - Able to store up to 2,000 records in database.