Counting Scale - PC-820

Exclusive Quartzell digital technology defines a highly precise method of counting that’s not available anywhere else.

Better counting means a better bottom line
The closer you can get to a perfect parts count, the closer you can get to just-in-time inventory. Which will then give you greater manufacturing efficiencies, quicker turnaround, and improved profits. Owning a Weigh-Tronix Quartzell PC-820 counting scale makes the difference.

National Controls, Inc. (NCI), acquired by Weigh-Tronix in the 1980s, is the company that brought you the first electronic counting scale—a significant milestone in accuracy. Now we bring you the advanced accuracy of Quartzell technology, teamed with ease-of-use and flexibility.

Rely on the ultimate in accuracy - Quartzell load cells are the only transducers in the industry with the high accuracy and reliability of crystal technology. Quartzell has the double benefit of being more accurate than analog, at an extremely competitive price.

It increases productivity from the start - Ease-of-use is critical to the success of any counting scale, so we’ve made the PC-820 a model of simplicity. Even with multiple shifts and personnel changes, users will quickly feel confident in all phases of its operation.

Easy-to-read display - Instructions in the prominent display window lead employees through the use of every function, with easy-to-follow directions and prompts.

The backlit dot-graphic display features 63 different contrast settings. A quick keystroke makes the adjustment to high or low lighting conditions with no interruption of work.

"Soft keys" tailor functions to your needs - Five separate keys—we call them "soft keys"—let you personalize the scale to your individual applications. Easily changed, they direct the scale to perform as many or as few of the functions as you need for a specific task. As a result, operators push fewer keys, and are not faced with a confusing selection of functions that don’t apply to their job.

Built-in adaptability gives you more - To be truly valuable, a counting scale needs to do more than just count. The PC-820 is flexible enough to adapt to being part of a variety of configurations. So, rather than buying a new scale when your needs change, simply reprogram the soft keys to add additional capabilities-such as remote base operation, accumulation of counts, database information and more.

Put cycle-count information at your fingertips - Store as many as 1000 records with an internal, configurable database. Each record has enough room to include part number, description, tare weight, and various numeric fields, with 32 characters available for each field (except PN which is 16 characters). As a result, you can maintain part and count information in the scale. When you need it, it can be quickly and easily recalled, printed, and transmitted for further use.

Interface with any serial printer - A customized program makes any brand of printer compatible with the PC-820. Your distributor can tailor and deliver the program directly to you. If you change printers, the distributor can adjust the program for you.

Scan bar codes - Get fast piece weights without keying them in or going through the sample process. The PC-820 powers either a bar code gun or wand.

Access a remote base - For applications that demand it, the PC-820 expands to a dual or triple base system. Just add an optional Quartzell base, and/or an analog deck scale.

Enjoy complete portability - With both internal and external battery options, the PC-820 is ready to be moved right to the job, instead of forcing you to move the job to the scale. Store cycle-count information with a bar code scanner even when you’re in the most remote corners of a warehouse, and download later to a computer.

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