Checkpoint M-SL

Throughput speeds up to 230 pieces/minute

The Checkpoint M-SL is designed for high capacity, heavy-duty dynamic checkweighing. Whether you need to check current nominal weight, perform completeness checks on bundles or sort and classify, the Checkpoint M-SL provides the means to do the job with greater speed and efficiency.

A heavy, solid stainless steel base frame provides the stability needed for high weighing precision at medium and high belt speeds.

A heavy-duty conveyor belt and finely-tuned drive system ensure smooth operation as well as fast and safe transport of products. Individually modified solutions for varying product shapes are easily accommodated. Quick-change clamps on conveyors allow easy belt exchange.

The Checkpoint M-SL may also incorporate an optional reject mechanism to reliably discharge products that have incorrect weights, without disturbing the ongoing production.

The pusher device is mounted on a separate free-standing frame.

Operational Features

  • 100% production monitoring of products to ensure they meet the minimum weight or average weight requirements with production documentation
  • Production documentation shown by means of graphic screens for statistics histogram, trend and average value curves by pieces, hours or minutes.
  • 2 different weighing ranges (30 kg and 60 kg)
  • 5 weight classes for under, accept and over classification
  • 50 PLUs (incorporates all relevant information required for the assigned product)
  • Touch screen simple, menu-guided operation
  • Multi-level password protection
  • 3 different working height ranges
  • Right to left or left to right working directions
  • Compact design for easy integration into production lines
  • Line synchronization with isolated relay contacts
    • Remote start (input)
    • Weighing mode (output)
    • Error (output)
  • 20 automation channels available: eight input and
  • 12 output channels
  • Main power switch located on electrical cabinet
  • Photo cell for product recognition mounted on supporting frame
  • Simple menu-driven calibration
  • AutoZero tracking capabilities
  • Tare weight input for checking net weights
  • Standard statistics including totals, over/under weights, standard deviation, average, etc.
  • Bubble level on frame for accurate machine leveling
  • Emergency by-pass for "worst-case scenario" resets the checkweigher to "product transport with the last selected speed" - Production can continue uninterrupted and the weight check can be performed at a later time