BridgePort Portable Truck Scales

Features & Benefits Installs anywhere - The self-contained modules install on any stable surface: bridge planks, concrete piers or blocks, a concrete slab or swamp pad, for example. Easy to install or disassemble-In as little as four hours you can have a working scale. Only four boltsper module. Each module arrives pre-wired with quick-connectors between modules.

Built-in durability - BridgePort’s tubular steel sub-frame is just one example. Noted for its strength, the tubular steel also serves as a sealed conduit for the scale’s wiring providing protection from moisture, wear and rodents.

Dual layer deck design - Extra ruggedness to handle frequent moves. Each module is framed by 14" outside beams that run the length of the scale. The scale’s 3/8" deck plate is supported by a grid of 5-inch beams running the length of the scale supported by 5" cross beams.

Proven Weigh Bar reliability - In a three-year study on 250 truck scales, the Weigh Bar exhibited an annual failure rate of just 0.31%-compared with an industry standard of 3 to 5% for load cells.