B806 Weigh-price labeler


Weigh-Tronix and Avery Berkel together provide the ultimate in weigh-price labelers.

From label position and information, to applicator pressure and conveyor speed: just one key press starts the entire trouble-free process, handling up to 60 packs per minute.

The weigh-price-labeler with all the right answers

The B806 is the most flexible solution to the automatic weigh-price-labeling of a huge variety of products.

Compact and user-friendly, the system is ideal for both industrial and rear of store packing operations. Whatever you want to pack, however you want to do it – the B806 has the answer.

The ultimate in pack handling and control.

If you are looking for the ultimate in pack handling and control, the B806 is it. The B806 can store up to 1,000 PLUs (expandable to 2000 with additional RAM). The system encapsulates all information needed to weigh, price and label each pack perfectly – every time – within a single PLU. From label position and information, to applicator pressure and conveyor speed: just one key press starts the entire trouble-free process, handling up to 60 packs per minute.

Precise labeling – every time The B806 ensures that labels are applied in the right position time after time, no matter what the pack height, contour or orientation. This guarantees smooth, trouble-free operation for your production line and high quality display case presentation.

Ice-cool precision

Frozen and chilled products are no problem to the B806, as packs can be labeled through moisture or an ice film.

Delicate touch

The correct applicator force for each product is contained in the PLU, ensuring every pack and its contents is labeled with the ideal pressure.

Mixed packing runs

The B806 adapts automatically for varying height packs of up to 7.87", allowing a mixture of pack heights to be handled without the need for machine adjustments.

Conveyor speed control

Three speed settings can be selected within the PLU to ideally suit packs and their contents. Even the acceleration/deceleration rate can be modified to provide the ultimate in pack handling and control.

Comprehensive labeling

With the B806, you can meet customers’ label requirements, now and in the future. Label formats can be designed quickly and simply, and then assigned to PLUs. Up to 250 different label formats can be stored in the B806 and up to 100 print fields can be printed on each label, including:

•10 PLU text fields

•Six Ingredient text fields

•Three dates

•Three date texts


•Pagination number

•Fixed texts

•Article number

•Bar code in a choice of formats

•Six advertising text fields

Even more flexibility

Each print field can be rotated through four orientations. Bar codes are normally printed in two orientations.

Weight bands

This extremely flexible facility triggers the printing of alternative information on the label depending on pack weight e.g. the feature can be used for whole chickens where the price per lb and product description may change depending on the weight of the bird.

Management control

With its comprehensive totals facilities, the B806 enables you to control packing runs to your exact requirements, and provide detailed management information on the packing run. Target totals can be preset for packing into boxes and/or pallets by quantity, weight or value. When the run is over, totals by product, customer, weight and value for each PLU are all available for maximum security and efficient production control.

Data Management

Machine setup, totals and product data can be stored on a 3-1/2" floppy diskette. Total data is stored in CSV (comma separated values)format enabling reports to be easily customized. Standard RS232 provides convenient transfer to data management software. Optional MX400™ software lets you design your own PLUs and download from a PC to the B806.