3600 Series QDT Bench Bases

Features & Benefits:

Quartzell transducers - High resolution, digital output from a rugged load cell structure.

Type approved "T" models to 10,000d - Ideal for any certified weighing transaction such as shipping or mailing operations.

New tasks for a standard bench base - Use the Quartzell base as a high resolution remote base for your PC-810 Counting Scale. Or link it to a WI-130 Indicator or any Quartzell compatible instrument for new levels of weighing sensitivity.

Stainless steel shroud - Resists damage; maintains its good looks for years.

DuraBridge construction - On heavy capacity 18 x 18-inch decks. Deck deflection is less than 1/2 -inch. Minimizes off-center loading error.


Ball-top shroud - For conveyor systems, speed processing. Reduce lifting to a minimum.